Video Testimonials

RFLX MMA owner John Clarke interviews Javier Rodriguez after his Florida State Wrestling Championship. Javier was undefeated at 160 lbs with a record of 51-0. He has been accepted to attend West Point Military Academy and is shining example of the power of wrestling as a path to success. At RFLX MMA Ft Lauderdale.

John Clarke interviews Giovanni Harris and get his impression of training at RFLX MMA Ft Lauderdale. Gio is a state champion in wrestling and a youth pastor. He talks about the importance of humility, integrity and character.

Testimonial for RFLX MMA Ft Lauderdale. Diana talks about the importance of self defense education for women.

John Clarke interviews Josh Gill about his training success at RFLX MMA Ft Lauderdale

Santiago Manzanera gives RFLX MMA Ft Lauderdale a testimonial (Spanish).

John Clarke interviews Daniel Golightly after his recent professional MMA victory.