This is the Power of RFLX Training


When I started doing this boot camp, I was just trying to find a convenient quick way to get in a high impact workout without taking away from my already busy schedule. I needed to wake up my muscles so that I wasn’t so sluggish at work. The 6 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays was the perfect fit. It was a little difficult to adjust to an early schedule, but now, I can’t miss a class. I feel more awake during the day and I sleep more soundly. It’s a difficult class, but the day that follows is that much easier to handle than the days that I don’t go. As an added bonus, I’ve been getting plenty of positive comments and attention about my body. Boot camp is work but it’s working.

Jason Taylor

John Clarke’s solid curriculum has helped me implement real tactics in self defense for the “real world” as well as help tweak the sport aspect business of MMA. His positive personality and calm nature has the know how to relate to all school owners, fighters, and martial artist types.

Will Quiroz

John is a gifted teacher excelling in Close Quarters Combat, Law Enforcement applications and techniques. He has worked with my Soldiers on multiple occasions and the benefits gained were extraordinary. I would recommend his program to anyone.

Colonel Brock Gaston

John Clarke is an extremely professional business person with one of his highest qualities being integrity. He is the definition of “A man of his word”. It is always a pleasure to work on any project with John. The growth of his company is no surprise me, and well deserved.

Amy Losek

I drive all the way from west palm beach just to train at RFLX Training Center with world class instruction in BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling. You have all the tools for any of your interests in MMA! The kids always seem to be having a great time too as I’m waiting for class to start! Everyone from the staff to fellow students are friendly and treat you like they’ve known you forever! Prices are very reasonable and they even give you a free trial period so come out and give it a try! Thanks Everyone at RFLX Training Center!

Marcus John McCarthy

This is the best gym ever, The best coaches, amazing family ties, amazing teammates, everyday I love going to train because I know I am in a wonderful, safe environment. RFLX TRAINING CENTER FOR LIFE!

Lenny Leonard

RFLX Training Center offers a level of expertise rarely found in any martial arts institution. This place is the real deal! The BJJ instructor, Marcelo Meleiro, is a renown black belt who comes from one of the greatest BJJ teams in the world (Nova Uniao). The owner and Wrestling/Muay Thai instructor, John Clarke, is a former StikeForce MMA fighter who has studied Martial arts across the country and always brings his vast knowledge to the table. Lastly, the boxing teacher, coach Bakhshar, is a world class boxing instructor who has coached the highest level of fighters, including an Olympic gold medalist. RFLX TC is open to everyone from families to professional fighters, and has truly become a second family for myself. Whether you want to be a fighter, learn self-defense, or just want to get in shape, RFLX has what you need! stop by and check it out.

Erik Carmen

A family perspective. We have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu together as a family with Marcelo for 3 years. It has changed all of our lives for the better. My relationship with my wife is stronger and our connection to our kids is fantastic. Having a common interest that is healthy physically and spirtually can work wonders. We have a great place we can train together and have formed lasting friendships with so many people there. Comradery of the team is felt by having holiday parties, birthday parties, and meeting at the local pub to watch UFC fights together. Character is what makes this place so great. John and Marcelo are guys who back up their skills with a solid moral backbone. This is true martial arts which is a way of life, not just fighting. Marcelo has coached my wife and daughter through multiple competitions and victories over the years and the rest of the team always shows up for support. The kids love training at RFLX TC and actually look forward to class. The gym is clean, spacious and has lots of parking.

Tom Stewart

I have been training at RFLX Training Center under Marcelo for almost three years and to me Marcelo has become family, he has always been there for me when i needed him. He has helped me through alot of tough times. When it comes to bjj he is one of the most outgoing instructors there is. He always puts his students ahead of himself. Marcelo will roll with anyone, any weight, any belt at anytime. He will even roll if he is nursing an injury himself. Marcelo never gets frustrated and he will spend as much time with u as you need. Every class has the feeling of a 1 on 1 private with a black belt. Marcelo holds nothing back, he will teach you everything he knows. I have traveled several times with Marcelo to compete and I always felt that we were there for me. He always put more emphasis on my matches than his own and he cared more about my success than his own. Marcelo uses BJJ to teach important lessons about life. he teaches through his actions as well as his words. BJJ is a very important part of my life I can leave all life’s problems at the door. I was not brought up in a grappling, wrestling martial art background but I am glad I found it in this stage of my life. I feel that I will train in BJJ for the rest of my life.

Adam Reckert

What makes a good coach?

To me, a good coach is someone who will push me beyond my limits. He is patient and approachable. He understands my learning style and he knows what motivates me. He knows my strengths and teaches me how to play on them, and he knows my weaknesses and helps me to overcome them. He sets the bar high, believing in me when I do not believe in myself. A good coach earns your respect.

A good coach is someone that I am proud to represent on the mat. He is humble, but full of knowledge. He has integrity and promotes safety and good sportsmanship. While he encourages me to win, he reminds me not be discouraged in a loss if I went out there and did my best. On those nights when I am too hard on myself, he reminds me that I am supposed to be having fun.

Marcelo Meleiro encompasses all these characteristics. I stepped foot into his school more than three years ago having never practiced a martial art. I was nervous and felt a little out of place at first because I was the only woman in the class that night. I was immediately made to feel welcome and capable. He brought me from someone who never knew what jiu jitsu was to someone who thrives on training and competing.

As a mother I have the utmost trust in his coaching of me and my family. It has been amazing to watch the kids’ skills grow throughout the years. I have witnessed the confidence and discipline that they have developed in training carry over to other areas of their life. Jiu jitsu is an important part of all our lives.

There is no doubt in my mind that Marcelo is a good coach.

Jennifer Stewart
2012 Women’s Pan Am Champion


Marcelo Meleiro my COACH and FRIEND

I started training BJJ under Marcelo 4 years ago, and met a great person friend and coach, the beginning was a little rough.  I used to come home sore and exhausted but the personal attention, guidance and him believing in me, made me come back again and again and made me fall in love with this sport.
But Marcelo is more than just a coach for me he is a dear friend, I have had numerous private lessons with him and rolled with him almost every class I have had with him, he never say’s no even if he is hurt, tired or has a lot on his mind.
I’ve witnessed Marcelo create, develop and improve an amazing group of people that we call TEAM. I followed him when he and John opened RFLX Training Center which is the place I enjoy training at and am so proud to be a part of.
Marcelo didn’t just teach me the art of BJJ he also taught me the meaning of dedication, determination and perseverance as well as being humble and respectful which I apply to my every day life.
I’d like to end this with a big thank you to a good friend and coach and with a wish to learn a lot more from you brother in the future.

With respect,

Lior Klepach
Amazing Flowers Miami


I wanted to write a testimony from my experience with the Combat Wrestling system. I have been employed in the law enforcement field for over a decade. During my tenure with both local and Federal agencies, department conventional training methods have always lacked a crucial component, wrestling.

I have had the privilege of attending your Combat Wrestling Instructors certification in April 2010. The system you have founded is nothing short of fantastic and high speed. The instruction I received from you was professional, informative and first class. The system’s curriculum material fills all the voids in traditional law enforcement tactics and self defense methodologies. Going to the ground during a violent confrontation with an offender is a officers worst nightmare but a serious reality. The Combat Wrestling system will prepare all types of operators for a conflict on the ground utilizing a variety of superior tactics.

The Combat Wrestling system is a valuable resource for all law enforcement personnel, active military or civilians. I strongly recommend this training system to everyone that is serious about self defense, competition or enhancing department training. I have personally adopted the Combat Wrestling system as a staple in my own training, in my school (Hudson Valley HaganaH) and in my career as a Law Enforcement Official.

Edward Du Plessis
Federal Law Enforcement Officer
U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons

As fitness professionals for over a decade and martial artists for more than fifteen years, we have come across several systems that have tried to capture an audience with false information and promises.  We have partnered up with RFLX Training because of John Clarke’s ability to teach important skills to both novice and advanced people without sacrificing technique.  John’s passion for teaching and training, his energy while presenting, his accessibility to students both during and post- seminars, makes all practitioners of the RFLX system better and safer as a result of their time with John.  If you are looking to fill the void in your martial arts program, looking to make people safer in a close quarter combat situation, want the important people in your life to be safer and more confident on the street, the RFLX System is an absolute must to add to your program.  One seminar with John and you will be more than just a believer, you will be a practitioner with skills you can use Day 1.

-Joel Burrows
Haganah Black Belt
Combat Wrestling Instructor
F.I.G.H.T. Instructor
Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
6-time Racing the Planet Desert Finisher
11-time Ironman Finisher
30+ Marathon Finishes
2-time Team USA Member
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Speed and Agility Coach
Graduate SOF/a
Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge High Point Fitness Recipient
Owner, First Step Fitness
Owner, FIGHT Chicago
Owner, 3 Brothers Fitness

Todd Burrows
Haganah Black Belt
Combat Wrestling Instructor
F.I.G.H.T. Instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Speed and Agility Coach
USSF Soccer Coach
2008 Chicago Pumas MVP, Golden Boot Award (Most Goals Scored), and Silver Boot Award (Most Assists)
Owner, Total Body Conditioning
Owner, Fight Chicago
Owner, 3 Brothers Fitness

I am writing you to offer my recommendation and support for Mr. John Clarke and the RFLX Training Group. I have personally known and trained with John Clarke since 2006 at which time he was a police canine handler and special weapons and tactics operator with the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. John was, and continues to be a subject matter expert in the areas of police tactics and specifically, the grappling arts.
Mr. Clarke has compounded an impressive resume to include appearing in the Strike Force MMA competition, International SWAT Round-Up competitor, and many other accolades. Not only is Mr. Clarke a solid competitor, but a knowledgeable and attentive instructor as well.
Prior to training with Mr. Clarke, I had received personal training from the renowned Gracie family, as well as the American Top Team. With that frame of reference, I can personally attest to Mr. Clarke’s knowledge, skill, and ability. When authoring law enforcement materials concerning defensive tactics or grappling, Mr. Clarke is my first source for assistance.
As a professional police trainer with the utmost concern for officer safety and mission accomplishment; I offer my sincerest recommendation that the committee select Mr. Clarke as an instructor for the 2012 ILEETA Conference.

Jeff Overcash

Training with John Clark has been one of the high points in my martial art development. His method of teaching is masterful. He communicates and demonstrates very effectively and efficiently. He is always prepared and knows how to use time effectively. His Combat Wrestling program really supercharged my transitions from standing to ground. John’s Combat Wrestling system truly is “the missing link”! Thanks John!!!!!

-John Peek, HaganaH Houston

Combat Wrestling is the best ground fighting system I’ve found because it incorporates stand-up fighting and Haganah combat/street fighting skills into its curriculum. This hybrid system of Greco/Folkstyle/Freestyle wrestling uses only the best of the best techniques and skills. Combat Wrestling provides the skills and situational training for success – building success on the mat, in the cage, or on the street. Especially helpful to those (students) who are not a wrestler by nature or by experience. John Clarke is an awesome coach, a master instructor, and his level of professionalism and genuine passion for his program is evident in his presentation. I chose Combat Wrestling to offer my community because the skills are real, practical, user friendly, and bottom line they work! Not to mention, John is an awesome guy, a terrific family man, and stand-up individual.

-Stuart Bryant
Chief Instructor/Owner
Mr. Stuart’s Regional HaganaH Training Center
342 Hannum Ave
West Chester, PA 19328
610 888 8212

John Clarke is a world class instructor whom is extremely knowledgable and able to integrate smoothly with other systems. He was a joy to train with during the Combat Wrestling Certification and has been a constant supporter. Not only has my own personal grappling game improved tremendously, so has that of my students. Whether training for sport or reality – John Clarke’s system is a must!

-Michael “Misha” Novitzky
Senior Instructor
HaganaH Atlanta