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Combat Wrestling
Training with John Clarke has been one of the high points in my martial art development. His method of teaching is masterful. He communicates and demonstrates very effectively and efficiently. He is always prepared and knows how to use time effectively. His RFLX Wrestling program really supercharged my transitions from standing to ground. John’s Wrestling system truly is “the missing link”! Thanks John!!!!!

-John Peek, HaganaH Houston

The RFLX Wrestling Curriculum

is the first ever martial arts curriculum based in wrestling. RFLX  is a step by step, highly detailed system designed for everyone from the novice to the most experienced martial artist or professional fighter. Additionally, the program is for both school owners and end users.

Wrestling: The Fundamental Fighting Skill Set

It could easily be argued that wrestling is the foundation for all martial arts and combat sports. Controlling or moving an opponent’s body, while standing or on the ground, is a fundamental skill of combat. Certainly it is one of the oldest forms of combat and sport. The ancient Greeks believed that everyone in society should wrestle in order to create a sound mind in a sound body and wrestling was regarded as the best expression of strength out of all of the competitions and was represented in Greek mythology by Herakles.

Wrestling for MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing

The RFLX Wrestling Core Curriculum is a complete, step-by-step system, based in wrestling, that will allow you to seamlessly integrate grappling / wrestling techniques into your current practice. This curriculum enhances any style for both sport and real self defense because it takes into account striking, jiu jitsu and submissions as well as multiple attackers. It is understood that future MMA fighters will most likely, have a strong background in wrestling and that it must be adapted for the rules of mixed martial arts. No matter what your background is, RFLX Wrestling will set you apart and give you an edge over the competition.

Takedowns & Mastering the Clinch / Trap Distance

RFLX Wrestling is “The Missing Link” – designed to bridge the gap between standing and the ground game. The main goal of all wrestling is attain and dominate superior position starting with clinch position. This is the position that often dictates the outcome of a fight. This is where you need to have options. If you need to stay standing to use your striking, then you need strong takedown defense so you can “sprawl and brawl”. If you need to get it to the ground to use your superior jiu jitsu or submission grappling or to avoid a good striker, then you need good takedowns so you can ground and pound or submit.

Escapes and Reversals

One of the hidden strengths of wrestling is it’s ground escapes and reversals to get back to standing. Grapplers often refer to a wrestler having good “hips”. it is very difficult to hold a wrestler down if he is determined to get up.

For Self Defense

Intelligent Use of Force and Progressive Control: the RFLX Wrestling System provides an excellent foundation for controlling an opponent without injuring him. The confidence that one can gain from a knowledge of wrestling is invaluable because of the ability to begin with non-lethal control and increase the intensity of the response.

Real Fitness

It’s no secret – the fittest athletes are martial artists and the fittest of the martial artists are grapplers. This is real fitness that can save your life and never gets boring.

Unique and Safe

Now you can get real wrestling outside of high school or college. The RFLX Combat Wrestling Core Curriculum is designed to be safe for anyone with a minimum level of fitness and mobility. Individuals with no experience can learn the techniques and begin to develop the fundamental reflexes without risk of injury. Seasoned athletes can increase the intensity and resistance as they feel comfortable. John Clarke has developed a comprehensive program which bridges the stand up arts, the ground game, sport fighting and self defense. His unique experience and talent for teaching and coaching make this program invaluable.


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