RFLX Tactical Training

RFLX Tactical Training

RFLX Tactical Training for L.E.O., Military, Security and Armed Civilians

RFLX Tactical TrainingDespite the inherent dangers of their occupation, many law enforcement officers are under trained in hand to hand combat. With the rise of the UFC and MMA all around the globe, police and special task forces need to be better prepared to handle much more highly skilled and dangerous criminals. The ability to control an offender without severe injury as well as retain your weapon during any hand to hand combat, are two of the most important aspects of close quarters tactical encounters not only for self preservation physically but legally. When your life and the lives of your family and those around you rely on your aptitude and ability to protect yourself and make an arrest, the training and the details become very important. We want to train your reflexes to their potential so that you are as capable and prepared as you can be in any situation.

Who is the Instructor?

This course is led by head instructor John Clarke, a 10 year veteran law enforcement officer with 7 years on S.W.A.T. and K-9 as well as a Black Belt in the Haganah Israeli Military Combat System, a professional MMA fighter and international wrestling competitor. John’s goal is to ensure that those in law enforcement or even civilians looking for knowledge, can receive a very high level of tactical training and expertise experience through this class. He is not only an experienced operator but also an experienced coach, so you can be sure to learn a lot from his knowledge.

What does the class cover?

RFLX Tactical TrainingThe core curriculum consists of takedown defense and offense as well as ground control and clinch work. Dictating the struggle on the street is critical, especially against a trained opponent. If you can remain standing and control the threat, your chances of survival increase dramatically.

– Certifications are available now

– Advanced courses are under development

Who is this for?

This is a program that every law enforcement or task force officer should have, as well as any citizen who feels a call for advanced knowledge and safety, especially those who are interested in carrying a concealed weapon. We truly believe that a background in RFLX Tactical Training will develop more competent, effective and safe operators who are ready to handle the imminent threats that the rest of us hopefully will never have to face.

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This program and the knowledge you will garner from it could save your life and the lives of the lives of those around you. There’s no reason not to give it a try. Let us help you develop yourself.


For more information about the RFLX Tactical Training Curriculum please visit RFLXTraining.com