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MUAY THAI The Art of 8 Limbs

BANG-Core-System-DVD-cvr-212x300Muay Thai originated in Thailand as a way for its county’s people to protect and defend themselves from the perpetual attacks of neighboring forces. Because of this warrior lifestyle, Muay Thai obviously became an integral part of Thai society and remains so today. Much of the ancient martial art’s history is lost or confused by many historians but what we do know is that its modern form of training with gloves and punching bags began to emerge in the 1920’s. With this new style of training came a resurgence in the number of practitioners and fighters. The art began to flourish again and when the 1970’s arrived, it gave rise to a number of great fighters as well as the spread of Muay Thai across Europe and to the United States. Today, Muay Thai is a staple for many martial arts gyms and is the number one striking art for MMA and UFC fighters around the world.

What is the art of Muay Thai like?

This style of fighting includes the use of punches, round kicks, front kicks, elbows strikes and knee strikes. It is a devastating style of combative self defense that when used properly and appropriately can protect against and incapacitate an attacker.

Why Muay Thai?

Muay Thai has many advantages no matter who you are. What we are all about here at RFLX Training Center is building reflexes and that is exactly what you will do. Learning the technique behind a punch or a kick is important, but making it reflexive is key. Imagine any fight or self defense situation where you have to act quickly. Now imagine yourself freezing. Even if the lapse is momentary, the effects can be devastating. This is why our goal is to train reflexes, to ensure that you will react no matter what life throws at you. When you train Muay Thai with our experienced instructors you will become not only more physically fit, more explosive, lean, but will also be more capable of defending yourself and those around you.

Who is this for?

Muay Thai is great for both men and women. No matter what your background or current fitness level you will be able to join and start having a great time right away. Whether you are looking for a sturdy self defense strategy, to get or stay in shape, to cross train for another sport or just try something new, this art can accommodate your goals.  Its Pad training style makes it safe, fun and effective for really implementing and trying new techniques as well as learning quickly if you are a beginner. Also, there are no extensive forms like in Karate or Tae Kwon Do, so you immediately immersed in the real life applicable techniques that you came to learn.

Can kids do it too?

Yes, we have specific programs for kids to try Muay Thai in a safe and fun and expertly taught environment just like in our adult classes.


This program will help you tremendously no matter what your goals. Train like a professional, live healthier, be safer and more prepared. We can’t wait to see you in the gym!