RFLX MATRIX Self Defense

RFLX Self Defense

RFLX MATRIX(TM) Practical Self Defense For The Modern World

The ability to protect yourself from unexpected and dangerous situations is imperative for not only your safety but those of your family and the people who you surround yourself with. Self defense needs to be addressed. Just by reading this and thinking about it, you are taking a step toward investing in your own well being and are already a step ahead of most people who never want to think about having to protect themselves or their family from an attacker. And, this is understandable, nobody wants to think about something so terrible, but we can’t just neglect the fact that it happens, and when it does it is not pretty. This class is a security investment, just like health insurance, it’s something you shouldn’t go without.

The RFLX MATRIX(TM) Personal Defense Use of Force Continuum

is the basis for our revolutionary program. We have boiled the entire body of work down to this powerful graphic representation to guide the civilian in his or her actions as they relate to Personal Defense. There are two important but opposing sides to this issue. First is the Right to Self Defense, that is, your right and duty to protect your physical self or another from harm at the hands of a threat. Conversely is the fact that, legally, self defense is an affirmative defense, meaning the burden of proof is on your lawyer to establish your right to have used force in a given situation. This should be of special interest to anyone who has had any type of martial arts training because they will be held to a higher standard in a court of law.

The RFLX MATRIX(TM) program  is unlike any other martial arts training in it’s breadth and scope. We believe it will be one of the most valuable tools you can add to your arsenal.

RFLX Matrix Personal Defense Use of Force Continuum


Who is this for?

RFLX MATRIX(TM) is for everybody, kids and adults, men and women, athletes and non-athletes, we all should know how to defend ourselves. No matter who you are, this class will teach you the techniques and strategies to reacting to and handling a threatening situation.. Personal safety is not something you can just pick up in the moment. This would be as if you didn’t know how to swim and then somebody dropped you off in the middle of the ocean and you expected not to drown. You need to train different scenarios and situations. You need to train new techniques and make them reflexive so that when the time comes to react you do not freeze or hesitate. And, you need to become comfortable thinking about such a situation arising and visualizing yourself being able to handle it effectively and appropriately.
Who is the Instructor?

This course is led by head instructor John Clarke, a 10 year veteran law enforcement officer with 7 years on S.W.A.T. and K-9 as well as a Black Belt in the Haganah Israeli Military Combat System, a professional MMA fighter and international wrestling competitor. John has real world experience and is a world class coach, so you can be sure that you are learning from one of the best.

What will I get out of this class?

The knowledge and expertise of John Clarke as he teaches you techniques that could one day save your life. The power and peace of mind in knowing that you have the aptitude to handle yourself and protect those around you in life or death self defense situations. And, a heightened sense of the world around you.

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