RFLX Evolution Kids Programs

RFLX Evolution

Our Programs teach more than kicking and punching, we create LEADERS!

We know that it can be hard to get your child involved with healthy exercises and activities that they will enjoy. And with the pressure from school, sports, bullying or being overweight to name a few, it’s more important than ever for them to find something to do that improves their confidence and motivation. At RFLX Training Center, we offer the perfect solution with our Kids Programs.

Why RFLX Training Center Kids Programs?

    • Learn True & Effective Self Defense
    • Have a Blast with Exciting and Fun Classes
    • Learn Commitment, Self Discipline & Respect
    • Learn Humility and Teamwork
    • Character Development
    • Build Leadership Qualities
    • Create Unshakeable Confidence
    • Respect for Self and Others
    • Build Fortitude and Perseverance
    • Learn Responsibility and Integrity

Be sure to ask about our summer camps! A great way to introduce kids to the benefits of martial arts and keep them active during those long summer days!

RFLX Training Center Summer-Camps

By instilling a strong sense of commitment and self-confidence, your child will learn how to overcome the challenges and obstacles life can bring. Self control and focus create positive results in all aspects of their lives. Their behavior and school work will improve. They will be more outgoing and make friends more easily.  And most importantly, your child will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices, to keep them physically fit for the rest of their lives.

RFLX Kids Programs help our students achieve and succeed in ways they never have before.”

The ultimate goal of these arts is to learn how to feel good about yourself and to consistently maintain a positive state of being. This is experienced as feeling confident, safe, strong, relaxed, in control and knowing your own self worth. The actual techniques, physical or otherwise, are part of the means to that end. The physical reinforces the mental aspect. Only when we are in this state can we express ourselves fully and naturally. Physical fitness is an essential component to a healthy and powerful mind body relationship and must be developed, but a smaller person cannot defend himself through physical aggressiveness against a larger, more athletic opponent. It is knowledge and skill as well as the proper mental “stance” that allows a smaller person to defeat a larger, stronger person.

It is our passion to empower others – parents and kids and give them the knowledge that we have developed and has helped us tremendously. Ultimately this program is being developed to allow parents and their children to learn quickly and at home or outside of a traditional martial arts program.

Professor Marcelo Meleiro & Coach John Clarke have over 15 years of experience educating children on and off the mats.

Our highest ethic is to develop ourselves to the degree that we can control ourselves and our opponent without injury. When we learn how to injure another to protect oneself, we also learn at the same time, that it is not desirable to do so and this leads us to refine our knowledge and look for effective ways to defend while causing the least amount of damage. When we know without a doubt that we can defend ourselves effectively, we can be trained to communicate our intentions through our voice (and other non-verbal means) much more effectively.

Respectful Assertiveness™…It is possible and desirable to learn the art of practical self defense without having to become an aggressive person, or even without having any willingness to hurt someone at all. But you must develop a strong sense of self worth and personal boundaries. When you learn and practice self defense techniques you make yourself stronger as well as your training partners. You are always respectful to them and they show you respect in turn. This way you come to expect respect from others and it becomes automatic for you to show others respect. If someone were to show disrespect and attempt to cross your personal boundaries it becomes automatic to assert yourself in a manner appropriate to the situation.

Traditional martial arts were developed for the battlefield and for self defense against enemies intent on killing. The self defense needs of the contemporary citizen are very different. Modern self defense “arts” or “systems” must take into account the social, legal and ethical implications of their approach. In today’s competition based martial arts business, students are encouraged to compare themselves to others through sport. This can be exciting and rewarding and many people enjoy it. The problem occurs when students believe they are learning effective self defense. When there is a time limit and rule book and when there is a winner who must prevail through aggressiveness, it is very different from self defense.

Our approach is non-traditional and non-competitive. Emphasis is on character development through the discovery of one’s unique perspective as an individual. Physical goals are the development of complete body control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action. On the mental side, the objective is the development of a keen awareness of one’s self and surroundings and learning to trust feelings and instincts.

Humility and respect are your greatest weapons. You must learn that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone and you are not dependent on anyone’s approval of you. The true martial artist is respectful, calm and humble yet assertive with regard to their personal boundaries. Then you are free to be yourself, respect yourself, appreciate yourself, be confident and know, beyond any question, your self worth. If you saw this person in a movie you would understand when they chose not to fight. As the viewer you would know they could fight and win. You must learn to see yourself as “that person”. You will be able to because you have done the work and proven it to yourself.

Don’t let anyone make you think the world is a bad place or that you are not worthy. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. You must first know and always remember that you love yourself. When you know who you really are then you are always safe. When you trust yourself you trust your instincts. When you trust your own instincts you trust that you will “feel” if you are in danger. When you do not feel that you are in immediate danger. then you can learn to relax and feel good (good: the absence of fear, doubt, hate, etc). Then you can always stay in balance and become self-aware both mentally and physically. Kids do this naturally until they “learn” otherwise. Once a person is introduced to fear and it becomes a dominant thought/feeling it can be very difficult to reverse. It is far better to prevent that from happening in the first place starting as young as possible. This requires a consistent conscious effort.

In the RFLX Evolution™ curriculum students learn the essential techniques they must know in order to defend themselves if faced with a confrontation. The techniques designed as non-violent control tactics to minimize injury to the bully if used during a real fight. However, students are also taught techniques that may cause injury in case they feel they must assert themselves more strongly.