Benefits of Grappling Arts

At RFLX Training Center we offer world class instruction the grappling arts, from Submission Grappling and Collegiate Wrestling to RFLX Wrestling for self defense and Mixed Martial Arts and RFLX Tactical Training for L.E.O / Military / Security.


There are many benefits from training in the grappling arts
  • Grappling arts teach individual responsibility and honesty since students face opponents alone and must learn to respect and take care of each other.
  • Grappling arts build real confidence because students are able to test their skill and will against a live, fully resisting opponent.
  • Grappling arts allow students to become comfortable with being in close physical contact in a society where we are becoming increasingly more isolated by technology.
  • Grappling arts teach patience and perseverance, because it takes time to master and students must learn to be happy with small increments of improvement.
  • Grappling arts teach the advantage of using strategy and skill to solve problems, rather than brute force.
  • Grappling arts allow students to grow in their ability as they learn to work within a team working toward a common goal.
  • Grappling arts develop a strong work ethic because students must consistently work hard to improve.
  • Grappling is safe and extremely effective for physical fitness, stress relief and weight loss
  • Grappling offers truly effective self defense skills that can be used to control an attacker without injuring him if appropriate or rendering him incapacitated if necessary.
  • Grappling arts teach students to judge others’ by their ability and inner qualities, rather than superficial elements, such as external appearance.
  • Grappling allows for competition at near 100% effort and resistance.

Advantages of Grappling Arts For Children

RFLX Wrestling & Submission Grappling both emphasize the use of technique and leverage. As a result, your child will not have to rely on size, strength, or speed. Grapplers learn to defend themselves and control their opponent in a safe and humane way without using techniques that could potentially get them or you in trouble with the school or even the legal system. Your child will develop important physical attributes including balance, reflexes, flexibility, and coordination. Grappling arts also develop critical aspects of their character such as self-esteem, discipline, confidence, compassion, and good work ethic. The classes are taught in a positive, fun, and friendly manner, so your child will love learning the grappling arts at RFLX Training Center.


Advantages of Grappling Arts For Women

RFLX Combat Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are ideal for women. Again, the grappling arts use leverage, strategy and technique to prevail over brute strength. Just learning to be comfortable in the close proximity of an opponent is extremely valuable because most women have no idea what it is like to be physically dominated by a man and as a result, they simply freeze. At RFLX Training Center we can teach you the skills and qualities of indomitable spirit to prevail when all the chips are on the table!